MacIsaac Utility Locating Services In Atlantic Canada


Find Buried Or Hidden Pipes Or Utilities Across Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick & PEI.


Welcome to MacIsaac Utility Location Services.  We enable you with the confidence to dig, drill or construct knowing exactly where buried wires, pipes and rebar are located.


Using highly reliable latest technology radiodetection locating equipment we can locate precisely where buried utilities are.  We offer these services throughout Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island.

Non-destructive Concrete Inspection System

Using the latest advances in ground penetrating radar we can scan concrete to determine where the rebar is located in the floor slab or wall.

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Identifying Structural Features


Image showing multiple layers of rebar.

The blue box shows the rear side of the wall.

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Utility Detection


Using ground penetrating equipment we are able to pinpoint underground wires, pipes & cables anyone digging in the vicinity of a buried utility has a duty to avoid causing damage to it.


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